Tuesday 4 June 2013 | | 1209
By Abdelkader Benkhaled
Web : Let’s design your business interface

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In DZAYN, we provide the best web services for people, companies and organizations through a young competent team using the best available programmes with a very competitive pricing

Designing and developing websites is the most prominent service that DZAYN provides. It comprises the following:

1. Hosting: We suggest high quality hosting services for websites owners that are appropriate to the website field of work and rate of visits in order to provide servers that fit the plan (price/quality).

2. Designing Websites: Our clients receive all open files after their application for a design service. Design involves the various parts of the website (Home, Sections, Header, Footer, Internal Pages, Side Menus, Flash Files...)

3. Developing Websites: This means developing services that the website owner seeks, such as developed communication models, data bases changing, and others. It is possible to develop any service that relies on Mysal/php.

4. Ameliorating Performance and Production: This service targets existing websites whose owners want to alter or to ameliorate either in terms of form, production, or performance (such as downloading speed) with keeping the same data base. The service involves the improvement of the relationship with search engines (SEO), the service of adding statistics (Google Analytics), and the service of Mapping (maps).